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Top 5 Reasons to Come on Retreat with Chelle Swierz Yoga and Friends!

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Thanks to Mario and his super hot team of dedicated surf instructors we were all ripping like pros within minutes of hitting the waves. This could be you too!





Next year the name of these retreats may be switched to Yoga & Surf Retreat for Foodies! Thanks to amazing local Chefs and locally sourced ingredients we ate like kings all week! You can too!

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Creating community is the number 1 reason I started these retreats. I love watching people connect on retreat and continue to build friendships once they return home. And I have personally forged relationships on retreat and in Baja that I know will be life long. Come join the family!





Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, practicing in a small group for 2-3 hours daily with 2 experienced teachers will support you to take your practice further than you ever imagined possible! Get ready for a break through!




You work hard and to continue to do so you have to have some R&R! When you take time out to care for and really enjoy yourself you can show back up to your life refreshed and ready to be at your best for you and everyone around you. Drop the excuses about time and money and choose to take the break you deserve!



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Mexico Yoga Retreat

From “Dream Crusher” to A Dream Manifested

I was known as “The Dream Crusher” – a nickname lovingly bestowed upon me by my husband. If I didn’t see a logical or reasonable pathway for a vision or idea, it was DOA. My whole attitude was to play it safe and small to avoid disappointment.

Then, last October, I was asked to share a goal for 2013 while I was assisting a Baptiste program.   I didn’t have any. I was too afraid I’d be left in the vulnerable position of failing.

So, I made one up on the fly. I don’t even remember what it was but I left that meeting feeling like I was missing out on something. I felt like I was missing out on a gazillion possibilities that life had to offer because I was afraid!

Right then I had a shift. I was open – open to putting my dreams out there and doing my best to make them a reality.

When I got home I immediately created goals for 2014. Goals that were big, bold and totally illogical. One of those goals was to spend 6 months out of the year in Mexico with my husband surfing and doing yoga, the perfect combination of something that each of us loves to do. I had no idea if it was possible and I didn’t care.

The next month my husband was planning to buy a rental property in Seattle to fulfill on one of his goals. It fell through. We both felt awful until we remembered the place we had visited in Baja Mexico a few years back that had cute little bungalows for sale just moments from the beach. We loved this place because the set up was perfect for both of us: lots of great waves for him and a sandy swimming beach for me. We started doing some research online and by January we were in Mexico designing our new house.

During that trip I saw a beautiful structure on the hill next to us with a few tents in the back. That was Baja Zen, a yoga retreat center. Are you kidding me? My goal, my impossible goal was happening right in front of me and I knew that I had to share that energy and this place with everyone that I could.

Now we have a magical place to share. The location and community are wonderful, but the best thing about our little paradise is that it is a realized dream – a big dream – created by the once-scared-dreamer.

I personally invite you to join me at Baja Zen where you will be inspired to dream big and create new possibilities for yourself and those you love. Each time I’m there, I can hear my teacher, Baron Baptiste, saying, “Anything is possible when your way of being is that anything is possible.”

Here’s to a New Year of Big Dreams and their Big Manifestation for all of us!

Chelle & Kris with the group from their first retreat. October 2014

Chelle & Kris with the group from their first retreat. October 2014


Join Chelle and her team of awesome co-faciliators for a Yoga and Surfing Vacation in 2015!

Winter 2015 with Chelle Swierz and Nicole Tsong
February 23-28, 2015 (5 nights)

Spring 2015 with Chelle Swierz and Tina Templeman
May 11-16, 2015 (5 nights)

Fall 2015 with Chelle Swierz and Sean O’Connor
November 7-12, 2015 (5 nights)