July 20, 2024

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Hardwood Floors

Classic and sophisticated, hardwood floors add value to any home, plus make a priceless addition that get passed down from generation to another. If you want to keep your hardwood flooring installation in Phoenix looking good, then they will take regular maintenance and care.

  1. Regular Cleaning

Routine maintenance is the backbone of hardwood floor care. Over the course of time, dust and dirt inevitably act like sandpaper on your hardwood floors creating scratches that become very pronounced. Sweep or vacuum your floors at least once a week, to prevent this.

  1. Avoid Excess Moisture

Water is most likely the hardest on hardwood floors. An excessive amount of dampness will bring about twisting of the wood, expanding and in any event, shaping. Utilize wet mop and steam cleaner while cleaning your floors all things considered, utilize a clammy mop and cleaner that is formed for hardwood floors.

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  1. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Moreover, hardwood floors can be pretty fussy when it comes to cleaning with microfiber mops. Instead, opt for pH-neutral water-based cleaners suggested by the floor vendor. Designed to clean without stripping finish or causing damage

  1. Keep it from Furniture and Foot Traffic

Hardwood may not be the best option if you frequently move your furniture because it is easy to scratch and dent. Place little felt cushions and furniture liners under the legs of seats, tables and weighty things to forestall scratches.

  1. Control Indoor Climate

Wood is an organic material that expands and contracts according to temp changes. Keep all of this low by keeping your home from becoming too damp which can happen if you let the relative humidity in your home go above 30-50%. In winter, you can so use a humidifier and in the summer an air conditioner or dehumidifier to keep your environment comfortable.

  1. Refinish When Necessary

The floors will last longer and remain as good as new after being resanded. Hardwood floors ordinarily should be restored each 5-10 years relying upon how much traffic and sort of finish. Look for counsel from an expert to get the best time and cycle for resurfacing your floors.

To keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful, clean them as often as needed, including regular maintenance such as hardwood flooring installation phoenix, and know that it may require more than just cleaning.